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Narea is building with the system SISMO® and providing, " A construction faster, industrialized, secure and profitable. With energy savings of 60% over conventional construction."


Fast Building Process
Our experiences, in different countries, with different kinds of labour have shown that the time required to realize buildings using the SISMO® building technology, an industrialized, cost-efficient and fast construction system, is significantly shorter than any conventional building system.
Our high productivity manufacturing, allows us to offer minimal lead times.
The assembly of the panels is fast and simple; structure, enclosure and isolation are finished jointly.
Cost Efficient
SISMO® is a cost efficient construction system for all parties involved in the building process, from developers, contractors, architects, to the end user of the property, find it cost-efficient, productive and beneficial: its simplicity for assembly and installation, the reduction of auxiliary resources, and no skilled labour requirement, lower construction times and costs for both, developers and contractors.
Industrialized Construction
SISMO®simplifies the industrial production and assembly of the panels on site: The panels are manufactured according to the design of the architect and terminated in situ. On the construction site, the design takes shape in its natural setting, just like an Architect’s model in full scale. SISMO® is a flexible, construction system, compatible with other building systems, and can be applied to any kind of project: structures, basements, walls, partitions, floors and roofs.Thanks to its high productivity, SISMO® is the synthesis of the future of construction.

The SISMO® Industrialized construction system

The SISMO® industrialized construction system allows many variations and can be perfectly adapted to the specific circumstances of each project; its possible applications are countless. SISMO® is a universal concept, allowing the architects to perform all their ideas, and make them free from the constraints of traditional materials. It is synonymous with industrialized, quickly and cost-efficient construction, which makes obsolete the traditional construction.

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