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Low Cost Architects

NAREA collaborates with the architectural team PROYECTOSDECASAS in the areas of Catalonia and France in construction of houses with the traditional system, offering the service of Architecture and Construction Low Cost.agregar la traducción

proyectosdecasasPROYECTOSDECASAS is an architectural firm specializing in developing projects of houses of contemporary design.

If you are interested in building a house, we have an interactive catalog with over 200 models in which our customers can choose and customize the design of each model.

The design of the family housing that best suits your needs and preferences.

We offer a quality service, fast and competitive. We have extensive experience and a broad collection of projects.

You can purchase your single-family housing project endorsed by the association of architects of the province for the subsequent licensure municipal works, necessary to begin construction of your family home.

Likewise we have a nationwide network of architects to lead construction management of projects.